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Day in the Life of a First Semester 1L

This is not a full and accurate accounting of my 1L (but if you don't think I have the information available, you're incorrect about the level of Type A that I am).  While this is not perhaps a typical daily schedule, it is what worked for me for 2 of 3 years.  "Typical" is a misnomer anyway- nearly everyone I know operated independently with their own plan.  (3L my schedule necessitated a "morning" study routine). I was also more involved in student organizations than is suggest for a 1L ( see infra  next post, maybe).  For the sake of not burying the lede there- don't do multiple leadership roles as a first semester 1L especially if you haven't been in school for more than five years. As a first semester 1L, I was taking 3 doctrinal classes and legal writing, and I lived within 5 minutes of campus, so I went home a lot.  I'm also the opposite of a morning person and I am an elite level procrastinator with ADHD.  Times altered appropriat